Repair & Diagnostic Services


99% of the time it’s more cost-effective to repair your out-of warranty exercise equipment than it is to replace it. Often, a common repair problem may not require replacement parts. We’ll address the issues you mention & also inspect other components to your machine while we are there.

Level 1 – Repair Service Cost

Option 1       

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Diagnosis, labor, no parts       

Option 2 

lv2 w

Diagnosis, labor, installation      
of non-warranty replacement parts.   

Option 3

lv3 w

Diagnosis, labor, installation      
Of warranty replacements parts.      

-We offer Diagnostic Service Visit for our customers who first need the issues of there machine diagnosed, with the option for repair.
When more than 1 service visit is required to resolve an issue, the service charges are broke down through this category.-



Assembly / Disassembly


Preventative Maintenance


Repair & Diagnostic Services